Executive Board

Executive Board

Norwela Council

  • Mr. Russ Allsup
  • Mr. Ardis Almond
  • Mr. Bill Altimus
  • Mr. James Babcock
  • Mr. Vance Bailes
  • Mr. Ben Baldwin
  • Mr. Rick Bateman
  • Ms. Dottie Bell
  • Mr. Rick Boswell
  • Mr. David Brainis
  • Mr. Randy Brown
  • Mr. Keith Burton
  • Dr. Richard Campbell
  • Mr. Jerry Carlisle
  • Mr. Carl Chen
  • Dr. Jerome Cox
  • Mr. Jim Davlin
  • Mr. Jacob Dickson
  • Dr. Brian Dockendorf
  • Maj. Thomas Edwards
  • Lt. Jeff Franks
  • Mr. Patton Fritze
  • Maj. Gen. James Graves
  • Mr. Roy Griggs
  • Mrs. Angela Haacker
  • Col. George Holland
  • Mr. Rick Holland
  • Mr. Victor Ingram
  • Mr. Curtis Joseph
  • Mr. Christopher Kinsey
  • Mr. Cliff Leblanc
  • Mr. John Luster
  • Dr. Tim Magner
  • Mrs. Johnette Magner
  • Mr. Bobby Matthews
  • Mr. Kyle McInnis
  • Mr. Terry Moore
  • Mr. George D. Nelson, Jr.
  • Mr. Grant Nuckolls
  • Mr. Isaac Palmer
  • Mr. Bennett L. Politz
  • Mr. Jeff Rector
  • Ms. Valencia Sarpy-Jones
  • Mrs. Marla Simmons
  • Dr. Chris Sockrider
  • Mr. Greg Sonnefeld
  • Chief Judge Carl E. Stewart
  • Mr. Robert Stroud
  • Ms. Mary Trammel
  • Mrs. Jean Vaughn
  • Mr. Jerry White
  • Mr. George Whittington
  • Mr. Michael Woods, Sr.
  • Mr. Eric Zenter
Norwela Council

Norwela Service Center
3508 Beverly Place
Shreveport, LA 71104
Direct: 318-868-2774
Fax: 318-861-3354

Norwela Scout Shop
3508 Beverly Place
Shreveport, LA 71104
Direct: 318-868-2774
Fax: 318-861-3354

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